Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wotcher! It's Wingo!

For all of you Wingo lovers out there, here's some relevant things about me.
  •  I could be considered new to HSKS, last kit was my first. 
  • While living in Spain, I did several trips from Segovia where I lived, to Madrid, via train.
  • Hablo español. Je peux parle un peu francais aussi (but I can't remember the alt codes to make the c!) (that says I speak Spanish and a little French!)
  • I'm pretty sure that I've seen every Potter film in theaters. I definitely own all of the movies.
  • I have several siblings. A brother and a twin sister, a half-brother who's 18 months old, and several step-siblings if they count.
  • I have practically nothing in my Ravelry queue.
  • I collect shot glasses, but I don't drink out of them.  It's supposed to be only from places I've been, but the occasional person gives them to me as gifts, and well, it's not nice to say no...
  • I lived in a city with a castle! I've also been here, and here, and here. Spain likes its castles. 
  • I played Quidditch last term twice for Hufflepuff.
  • I'm a July baby!

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  1. Hey sweetie, week 4 information is up on The Hut blog.
    :-) Missed you last week! Love, Siobhan