Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get to Know Me;)

So, camp's started, and our first little "assignment" is to post some things about ourselves. This makes it easier for our spoilers to make kits that fit our personalities. We were given a bit of a helper list, so I'm going off of that somewhat.

  • Craft:  I both knit and crochet. I also am learning to dye. So far, I've only tried kool-aid dyeing, which I love. So, any kind of blank dye-able yarn is a pretty big win for me. I don't really have lots of time to do these, but I also enjoy collages, scrapbooking, things involving beads, and am pretty interested in learning to make little fabric plushie animals.
  • Fiber: I have no wool allergies, but prefer to avoid the itchier wools, and haven't ever really gotten around too many other animal fibers, like angora or mohair, etc, for fear of allergies. My favorite is merino wool, because it's generally pretty soft and fluffy. :)  I'm also not into felting at all.
  • Brand: I'm pretty easy. I like everything from the pretty cheap-o stuff (I love Wool Ease and Patons Classic Wool, for example) to Kureyon and so on. I also recently discovered I have a love affair with Moda Dea's Tweedle Dee. Some yarns I've really been wanting to try are Cascade 220 Wool, Mission Falls Wool (I love their cotton!), anything by Koigu (because they look so gorgeous!), and Fisherman's Wool by Lion Brand. I'm open to lots of yarn options, and of course, I love Knit Picks! 
  • Color: I really love greens and purples. I tend to like the darker parts of the spectrum in both those colors (sage, olive green, etc) but like the lighter ones too. I'm also pretty fond of burnt-orange, brown, and blue (like medium blue). There aren't many colors I don't like, except pink. Hogwarts colors wise, I'm a true Slytherin at heart. :)
  • Weight: I play in the House Cup, and my OWL this term involves both my first lace knitting, and my first shawl, done in fingering weight, so I'm incredibly ready to be done with smaller yarn for a while! I love love love bulky & chunky yarns. Worsted's good too, of course! :)
  • Needles: I'm not picky regarding metal versus wooden, etc. My Needles Library on Rav's up to date. I have KP Zephyr circs that I'm always looking to add tips for, so far I've got size 6 & 15 tips, and a 24' and a 47' cable. I could really use tips in the size 4 area, and in the 8-10 area as well. I also have your standard non-removeable circulars in other sizes and like those just fine too! Other than that, as you can see, my small needle area's pretty lacking. I prefer circs to dpns (magic loop all the way!) and anything I might receive would be awesome. :) Also, I would love to try a crochet hook bigger than a Q. I think they make an S. :)
  • Types of Patterns: I'm pretty easy to please. I've never tried socks, and I just got my first tiny socks pattern (the one by Wychwoodlady) in my last kit. I enjoy making amigurumi, scarves, gloves, hats, you name it! :) My books library on Rav is up to date as well.
  • Snacks: I love Dark Chocolate (but I like my chocolate without nuts in it!). I also love mint, so anything with Dark Chocolate + Mint = Win. I don't like peanut butter mixed with chocolate. I also like Wonka stuff like Gobstoppers, Runts, Nerds, etc... all that bad for you candy, and Sour Patch kids and those neon sour worms...yum....I also like coffee (just about anything coffee or coffee flavored), love the little instant mix "coffee" drinks (like lattes and such) hot chocolate (yum!) and tea (any kind of tea, but i especially like fruit related teas!)
  • Other Small Things I like:
  1. Big Buttons for cowls or scarves. Like quarter sized or bigger, and as wild and crazy as you please!
  2. Soak Wash! I love the stuff, I've only tried a few samples that Soak sent me, but so far I love every scent and would love to have some more! I don't have a local yarn shop to get it at. Even little samples would be more than awesome!
  3. Little notebooks for note taking, I can't ever get enough of those!
  4. Tiny lotions or liquid bath soaps, things like Bath & Body Works, Burts Bees, etc. I love Cucumber Melon and Pomegranate anything. :) 
  5. Lip balms, because I can't ever get enough of that stuff
  • Allergies:  Wools are fine, but possibly other animal fibers like mohair, etc, so I tend to avoid those in large percentages. (though I think a small % blend would be fine). Cigarettes, though unless someone smokes right into my package I'd probably be okay. Puppies. Which makes me really sad, but pet hair tends to make me sneeze. I love puppies, and kitties, but their hair dislikes me. I have no scent allergies of any sort, or food allergies except the pepper family. So don't mail me pepper and we'll be all right. :)
  • Wishlists: Knit Picks   Amazon I need to update both, but they're largely right. When in doubt, if it's on the list and it's not in my Ravelry database it's good to go! :)

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