Monday, March 29, 2010

The Character Post

If the public at large didn't know, I'm a pretty geeky HP kid. I just can't help myself. I really enjoy thinking about the characters, about they represent in the books, how we see ourselves in them, etc. I was recently given the task of discussing who my favorites are, and why, so here we go.

When the HSKS said that the kits this term were character based, I found that pretty awesome.

We were given a list of characters, and told to choose our three favorites. I chose Ginny Weasley, Severus Snape, and Luna Lovegood. As much as I love him, I didn't choose Harry, I felt that was too easy. (but he rocks my socks off!) We were given some starter questions to help us brainstorm this, so I'm using a few of those, and also thinking about how each person would apply to a kit theme.

Ginny Weasley

I chose Ginny as my top character, because there are just so many things I love about her. Despite the fact that she grew up with 6 brothers, she's a strong feminine character. Her spunky, snarky personality reminds me of myself. :) I love how deeply she cares for Harry, and I know part of why I love her is because he loves her, she's his Happy Ending. :)

I also know my love for her is somewhat impacted by how her character is played over in A Very Potter Musical (Act 1, Scene 6 anybody?)

So what would a Ginny Weasley kit look like? I imagine it'd have some sort of Gryffindor pride in it, or rather something Quidditch pride related. It'd be a bit girly, because she's got her girly girl moments. I think it'd have something warm and winterishly in it, possibly something Molly made her. Craft wise, I think the pattern in the kit would be either something thick and warm like Ginny would wear, or something adorably cute that she'd want to cuddle and love! And of course it'd have sweet goodies in it, because all the HP youth loved sweets!

Severus Snape

Oh Snape. How can I not love Snape? Before the omgWTF ending that was unveiled in Deathly Hallows, I loved Snape angst. Some of the funniest moments in the movies for me usually involved him smacking Harry and Ron around. He's the character you love to hate. When he did that bad thing he did at the end of HBP, I was heartbroken. You were too. Of course you were, we all were. I felt like I had been betrayed. Then, when we got the ending, and the department of backstory told us everything we needed to know, I was so emotionally overwhelmed.

I love Snape because everything he was boiled down to loyality and love. Everything he was, he was for Lily. He served Dumbledore for Lily. He protected Harry for Lily. He lived for Lily. BUT, he was so perfectly human, thus ultimately imperfect. Harry was still James' son, and he couldn't get past how he felt. So Harry got smacked around, abused, mistreated, belittled, and ultimately saved by Snape.

What would a Snape kit look like? Well, it would be imperfect and human like Snape, but how would that be physically manifested? (Don't mind my philosophical angst here...) Obviously, the Snape Kit would be gloriously Slytherinish in nature, with some Slytherin bling of some sort, lots of greeeeen, and possibly reflect Snape's love for Potions and DADA. Maybe the pattern would be incredibly complicated or a touch evil? I also want to say the kit would reflect his neverending love for Lily, but how would that be incorporated? (This just made me realize I want to learn to dye and make a Snape Loves Lily colorway! OMG!)

Luna Lovegood

I don't have a lot to say about Luna. She just makes me happy. She's a free-spirited, intelligent young lady who's not afraid to be herself, despite the fact that almost everyone finds her a freak because of it. She's quirky and unique, and fun. :)

She's one that I actually chose because of her application to a kit. A Luna Kit would be hysterical. It would have some incredibly odd piece of  jewelry in it, like her radish earrings, and the rest of the kit would be totally random just like Luna. :) Some fun and unique yarn (radically colored perhaps?), a really fun pattern, and neat accessories like sweets and such.

I hope all of this is useful to the One Who Sends Me Things (swapee? lol!), I've definitely enjoyed thinking about these characters and also how they apply to a Kit. It's been useful for me, now I just need to go see which characters the One I Send Things To chose. :)

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